Character Design

Modeling, Rigging and Animation in Blender

3D Character


That’s my first attempt at creating a 3D image for the future game concept series “Fluffy Fighters”.

Inspiring courses by Igor Posavec at HS Mainz helped make it happen. In addition to studying modeling in Blender and texturing in Substance Painter, I also studied rigging and animation. 

Character variations

“Fluffy Fighters” has the concept of transforming the character during play. User experience and character look depend on what the user finds during play.

Robots should also be built from balls, so all of their parts can be removed.

My Path

Prior to joining the creative industry, I made drawings, illustrations, and concepts for games. This allowed me to gain basic skills such as design thinking, drawing and old-school designing.

I still enjoy illustration and character design as a hobby. Visit my Artstation to see more artworks.