About the project​

How can digital art be integrated into public spaces? How can NFT and Augmented Reality benefit society?

Make new friends by collecting AR art in your city. 
Yes, it is like Pokémon GO, but for art!


Try AR by yourself

Do you want to try AR?
Test it in your room by scanning the QR code with your smartphone camera.

Do you want to try AR?
Test it in your room.

Attention: There needs to be proper lighting in the room

What do you feel? It’s amazing, isn’t it? In reality, something that was captured only in the digital realm is alive today!

It could be so wonderful if we could save it, trade it and place our own art on the certain place. Our own value of things can be created by extending reality.

Purchase and sell artworks in the common store or open your own one.

Build-in statistics can be used to track an asset’s value.

Problem solving

Digitalisation, digital assets, extended reality. That is how experts could describe the future of creativity.

However, there are a lot of problems out there.
The first challenge is finding a balance between extended reality technologies. Virtual reality is probably the most famous of these.

Due to the dominance of virtual reality in metaverse development, users are encouraged to hide at home, in a dark room, and escape reality. That is not the future we wish for ourselves, is it?

Problem solving

Technology like Augmented Reality extends reality and adds a magical touch to it, not excluding the user from it.

The problem with AR is the absence of practical benefits for users, which might encourage their retention.

It is becoming increasingly common to see big companies like Amazon and Ikea integrate AR for commercial purposes, where anyone from anywhere can project digital assets into their homes.Actions like these are neither valuable nor capable of becoming a system.

There was no platform for users to place their own content in augmented reality, trade it, and discover what other users had created.

But now there is


Mission& Vision

Proposal concept

Earth AR develops cultural activities in reality and creates new opportunities for creative communities and markets.

Proposal concept

Proposal concept

Designed for expeditive milieu intended for ages from 18 to 40. These are digital creators, students, NFTs, and collectors of art.


Concept of the project

Main functions of the App are based on analytics of user needs, provided by qualitative market research and quantitative user survey.

Based on that personas were created and their needs were formulated.





After conducting UX research, I developed a low-fidelity prototype, performed an alpha test, and then designed wireframes, Ui Kit, and a high-fidelity prototype.

Ui Kit & Main Elements

Revenue model

How the App generates an income

Earth AR is not only an exhibition and entertainment app, but also a trading tool.

It allows users to publish and trade their own digital content. Apps can generate income in several ways, including commissions from digital art sales and goods sales.

By imitating NFT and integrating Crypto-currencies, it simplifies the trading process and integrates digitalization into our daily routine.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to learn more about Earth AR revenue model or become a part of the team.