expand the possibilities

Grand Medical specializes in supplying and designing complex medical equipment for hospitals and clinics in Russia. The main company goal is to expand the possibilities during diagnosis and cure, to increase patient safety, quality and confidence through interaction with medical equipment.


Expand your potential

The Concept

Grandmedical designs hospital equipment systems, so the concept of innovation and complexity of services plays a crucial role, as reflected in the company tagline “Expand your potential”. 

The parenthesis mark is therefore the main component of the visual style, which serves as the basis for the visual system.

Grandmedical design system
Grandmedical pattern

The process

It was challenging to come up with a completely fresh design, while maintaining the recognition of the letters “G” and “M,” which had already become familiar to the company’s customers.

As a starting point, I find it essential to study the brand and its surroundings. As a second step, i defined the brand positioning and its DNA. Afterwards, I create a visual style based on the research.

In action

In addition, I redesigned the website’s identity. The complete site redesign is just a future project. This is just an example of how the design system works on this medium.


A brand strategy, a visual concept, a design system, and a print media design were defined as a result of the work.

Research was conducted on brand strategy, competitors, target audiences, which influenced brand positioning, vision, and DNA. Visual elements of the system include the logo, icon system banners, corporate fonts, and color scheme