Explore new food

Have you ever been in a supermarket and had no idea what to cook? 

Maybe you discovered some interesting ingredients while traveling, but you didn’t know what to do with them?

With “ScanEat”, you can easily scan unpacked food to get cooking inspiration.

Scan new food

Collect cards with the food’s features and new recipes when you scan new foods.

Make it about you

Customize your profile and get a personal feed of recipes and seasonal specials. 

Tinder for foodies

And it is always a match! Scan food and collect cards with foods features and connected recepies.


Follow your progress

Your personal profile contains your progress, saved search results, and receipts. 

The more you scan and cook, the higher your level will be. Every level adds a new recipe to the existing cards.

Project map

Target Audience

The Problem

Laura is shopping at the weekly market. 
A product catches her eye, but she doesn’t know what it is. As she thinks about what she could do with it, she remains curious.


The Survey

This survey was conducted among 126 students. 
As part of the development process, we evaluated whether our target audience was ready for new foods, if they had experience with cooking apps, and whether they had any health-related needs.

Сommon features

icon target

17-30 year olds
Curious hobby cooks


Lack of knowledge / long search for product information and missing ideas what to cook

Collect unpackaged products, learn more and discover new recipes

User flow


Using board games and Pokemons as inspiration, we came up with ideas for making cooking interactive and enjoyable.

UX Wireframes

To sum up

My part

As a group, we developed this app as part of Patricia Reiners’ “Beyond the Screen” course at the HS Mainz.

 Since we all participated in the brainstorming, our contributions cannot be separated. My favorite part of the project was creating the survey and prototyping the whole app and user experience.