Film production

Unreal Engine

A growing number of film and advertisement productions are using real-time projections of Unreal game engines on LED screens.

As a group of students we were able to create environments and test them in a professional LED studio as part of our university’s first hybrid project. 


It was originally planned that students would make a short film for the course. There was a story about a playtester who tested virtual reality games. However, something went wrong and she must overcome this error.

Enviroments in LED Cave

City of Whales

Our project “City of Whales” portrays the slums of a dystopian east-european city. We originally planned a whole story, which included three scenes in Unreal Engine, a rigged and animated whale.

I am passionate about storytelling. So I helped other groups with storyboarding, optimizing 3D assets, and colors. Also, I posed for a few shots above.

city of whales

To sum up

Using Unreal and film production for the first time, it was a great experience. Working with teams was enjoyable, I learned Unreal and refreshed my 3D skills.